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  • Latest Paintball News

  • Delta Force Paintball thrives on realism with Paintball Helicopters 4th February 2022

    Delta Force Paintball and military hardware

    We are getting a reputation to prove we are the world’s biggest and best paintball company, Our company will go all out so that you, the player, gets an experience unlike any other. And we love choppers. Big ones.

    We thrive on realism where we can. If we can provide you something that rips you out of your everyday life and dumps y…

  • Paintball tactics that will help you win! 4th February 2022

    Paintball tactics that will help you win!

    We’ve compiled some top tips and tactics to give you the edge over the competition when playing at Delta Force Paintball Birmingham.  Familiarise yourself with these key points and show off your fancy footwork on our themed mission scenarios.

    Paintball Tactics:

    Planning – As paintball is a team sport, it’s vital you …

  • Kids paintball parties in Birmingham 4th February 2022

    Kids Paintball Parties in Birmingham

    Looking for new and unique ways to celebrate your kid’s birthday? The Birmingham Paintball Centre has the perfect answer for entertaining kids with the ultimate celebration. Our centre in Solihull caters for players aged 8+ years, and allows kids to act out their favourite action movie scene and become a hero alongside their friends.