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Delta Force Paintball and military hardware

We are getting a reputation to prove we are the world’s biggest and best paintball company, Our company will go all out so that you, the player, gets an experience unlike any other. And we love choppers. Big ones.

We thrive on realism where we can. If we can provide you something that rips you out of your everyday life and dumps you into a scene. That inspires, excites, and challenges you, then we will do it!

Fresh from the movie set of Edge of Tomorrow, the epic action unfolds in the near future. An alien race has hit the earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world. The movie sees Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Jeremy Piven taking the lead roles.

We have acquire an immense ‘UDF’ (United Defence Force) green and grey helicopter. This was used in the film by UDF army units to transport into battle against the alien ‘Mimics’. They are hell-bent on taking over the Earth. The film is set for release in June 2014 and recently aired at this year’s Comic-Con event and is tipped by many to become a grittier version of Starship Troopers.

We have a wish-list of props and new zones for our centres as long as any 5 year old’s Christmas list, and every year we tick off more from that list and add a few more on as well. So, if you know of any decommissioned military land vehicles or aircraft for sale, then let us know, we are just a bunch of big kids at heart and love getting new toys… and sharing them with you!

Posted in News on 4th February 2022

Last updated 2nd May 2023