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All Out War!

In the midst of a fierce war, the Allied forces convene to secure and assert dominance over strategically vital bridge systems and the surrounding area. Both groups fully understand that failing to secure the main bridge and allowing it to fall into enemy hands would severely impede their wartime efforts. To achieve success in capturing the bridge, both factions must engage in combat for control, obtain the flag located there, advance towards the enemy’s starting base, and proudly wave the flag as proof of their team’s control over this crucial geographical position.

Mission Objectives: As the conflict commences, both opposing sides find themselves positioned at opposite ends of the grand bridge. They each have a considerable distance to cover in order to reach the bridge, necessitating strategic movement to ensure early control. The flag hangs prominently from the center of the bridge’s structure and must be secured. Once one of the factions possesses the flag—be it the Axis or Allies—they must then escort it to the enemy’s starting base to claim victory, signifying their team’s newly established control over this mission-critical location.

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