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Paintball tactics that will help you win!

We’ve compiled some top tips and tactics to give you the edge over the competition when playing at Delta Force Paintball Birmingham.  Familiarise yourself with these key points and show off your fancy footwork on our themed mission scenarios.

Paintball Tactics:

  • Planning – As paintball is a team sport, it’s vital you establish a plan of attack prior to starting the game. Strategise with your teammates and allocate roles so you have a higher chance of winning.
  • Communication – Communicate at all times with your teammates. Work out hand signals to move your group forward or retreat when in play. Discuss your plan of attack prior to starting each game so you stay ahead of the opposition.
  • Keep moving – Remaining in the one spot will soon flag up to the opposition where you’re at – make sure you keep on the move. Advance to key positions where you can surround and eliminate the enemy. Don’t be afraid of advancing as staying thirty yards behind the front line will help no one and you probably won’t be within range of the enemy.
  • Stealth Mode – Move swiftly and quietly when moving to new vantage points discretion. Being too aggressive and obvious may work in certain situations, but you’re more likely to be successful if you keep your head down and remain discreet. Blend in with the surroundings so you can take the opposition by surprise.
  • Pyrotechnics – it’s not just paintballs that can take out the enemy. Our selection of paintball grenades can help you make the winning move. Paint grenades can help you take out an entire team in one go, or smoke grenades can provide enough cover for you to make the dash to victory.

These simple guidelines are just a few tips that can help make you an effective warrior out on the paintball battlefield. Put your skills to the test and round up the troops for a day of paintball at the Birmingham Paintball Centre. Call us on 0843 178 2485* – we’re available 24/7 to help plan your day of adventure!

Posted in News on 4th February 2022

Last updated 9th February 2022