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Group Paintballing For School & Youth Organisations.

More often than not, game organisers choose Paintball Birmingham to host events for their pupils than all other paintball operators combined. This makes us the number one choice for school and youth groups in the Midlands.

To organise any outdoor event for school aged children is a potential headache for anyone taking on such a challenge. How can you be certain that the venues are safety conscious, well equipped, properly managed and fully insured?

The answer is simple: choose Delta Force Paintball Birmingham!

Hosting special paintball events for young people (aged 8 – 10 years for mini paintball, and 10+ years for regular paintball) is a specialty for us. Paintball games are also a very popular choice for schools and youth organisations. Young people positively thrive on the action and excitement of it all!

Ideally suited for school outings, birthday parties and activity days. Paintball Birmingham has specifically designed ‘Young Guns’ game packages for school groups.

Safety First At Delta Force

At Delta Force Paintball, safety is paramount at all our paintball centres. All customers attending an event at one of our Birmingham paintball centres receive a safety briefing delivered by the centre manager prior to the games commencing. Each player also undergoes a full goggle touch-test before leaving the safe area and entering the game zones. We adhere to the strict Paintball Birmingham safety guidelines outlined by the government and the UKPBA (United Kingdom Paintball Association).

Our paintball games are designed to develop teamwork, communication and leadership skills within a safe, thrilling and entertaining atmosphere. Furthermore, an activity day with Paintball Birmingham forges closer relationships between students and staff.

20 years of high achievement:

Delta Force Paintball operates close to 40 paintball centres throughout the UK, Ireland Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We have an impeccable safety record, and we have documented health and safety practices and procedures firmly in place to maintain that position.

Paintball games is an energetic, fun sport without the need to have any experience or ability to excel.  Men and women, girls and boys can participate on an entirely equal footing.  The equipment provided by Paintball Birmingham provides an equalled level of comfort and protection, and succeeds in taking the ‘pain’ out of paintball!

Tips for the organisers of school or youth groups:

  • Provides FULL HEAD GOGGLES (completely covering the top, back and sides of the head). Our goggle systems protect the head from painful impacts, they also make it impossible for the goggles to slip down the face.
  • Performs a physical touch-check on the goggles of every player, prior to every game. We will ensure the safety chin strap is properly fastened and the goggles are worn securely.
  • Pays all marshalling and other personnel properly through an HMRC approved PAYE system (accounting for tax and NI). This might seem as though it’s unimportant but nothing could be further from the truth.  Insurance premiums are calculated and based upon a paintball operators declared turnover and payroll; if these are understated due to takings being diverted to pay staff in cash – then the insurance will be invalid.
  • Absolutely prohibits the removal of goggles when outside the netted safe-zone.  This probation must be complete.  Never remove your googles (eg: for cleaning/for players to rest) when outside the netted safe-zone.  It is not enough that ‘all players have placed their guns on the ground. The only way to fully ensure a safe environment is to keep paintball guns and unprotected faces 100% apart.
  • Delta Force Paintball is to the best of our knowledge the ONLY paintball operator in the UK to comply with all four of the above ‘essentials’.

To book contact one of our friendly event co-ordinators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0203 869 9135.


  • Delta Force Paintballing
    ENTRY & EQUIPMENT for a SESSION of paintball game action!

    • 6-8 action-packed games
    • A large selection of movie-set quality paintball game zones
    • Full head protection incorporating an anti-mist goggle system
    • Full body protection – body armour – free for all players
    • Full neck protection – combat suit with high padded collar
    • Custom designed special-forces combat suit
    • Latest USA-spec rapid-fire paintball marker
    • Hip-mounted 400-shot capacity ammo magazine (to safely carry your paintballs)
    • Tuition and supervision by friendly Delta Force marshalling staff
    • Unlimited propellant
    • Comprehensive public liability insurance
    • Safe, friendly and professional service
    Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • Delta Force Paintballing

    • Entry and equipment hire for a session of paintball
    • 300 paintballs per person
  • Delta Force Paintballing

    • Entry and equipment hire for a session of paintball
    • 500 paintballs per person