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Stag and Hen Paintball

As the best man it’s your job to plan a stag party that will live on in the memories of your best mate forever! Finding something unique, something different from the usual drunken bash (which can happen later that evening anyhow) is a tough task. That’s where Paintball Birmingham comes in and creates a legendary day. This will be one final bash that the groom will never forget, no matter how hard he tries!

What a way to hype everyone up! And get the laughter and frivolities unleashed than dressing up in combat gear, ducking and weaving around awesome paintball game zones. Then the Adrenalin of hammering your mates with a barrage of well-aimed paintballs? Not much we’re willing to wager. As an activity for stag parties, paintball is an extremely popular choice. Games such as London Apocalypse has the stag playing the part of the President. His best mates must escort him to safety is guaranteed to provide the group with a ton of laughs.


We don’t only cater for paintball stag parties. Our games are increasingly popular for hen parties too. As ‘bestie’ to the bride to be you can organise the take on the ‘Husband to be’ in a full-on hen vs stag shoot up! Needless to say, the hens always win!

Paintball is the perfect outdoor addition to the traditional last day of freedom night out. Paintball is guaranteed to bond any group, or just a good excuse to get down and dirty before the Big Day!

Contact our friendly Event Organising team on 0203 869 9135 to get the planning started for your stag and hen paintball party